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UGC (User-Generated-Content) is brand-centric content created by everyday consumers and shared on social media. UGC differs from influencer content in that it focuses on your brand and your audience, not on influencers.

People no longer want to be sold products; they prefer to discover a product for themselves by experiencing it through the eyes of people like them. People buy with their emotions, not with their wallets, and they want to feel like they are buying from a friend who understands them. The need for UGC is becoming more and more important as it allows you to present your product in an authentic way to your audience and overcome their possible objections.

12X more engagement with UGC videos. 92% of consumers are more likely to trust someone they don't know than branded content. 86% of businesses use UGC as part of their marketing strategy. 50% lower cost per click on average.

Pasco, Washington, United States


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