10 examples of UGC videos to try!

Our Top 10 UGC videos you should try to improve the visibility of your brand! Beauty transformation, fashion hauls, travel vlogs and even more!

Lucas G.

Lucas Gabriele

Last edited on Jun 12, 2024 ⋅ Created on Apr 20, 2024

When brands use UGC videos in their marketing strategies, it’s like a stamp of authenticity. It shows that real people love their products or services enough to talk about them on camera. And that kind of social proof ? It’s priceless.

Bottom line: UGC videos are changing the game, boosting brand credibility, and getting customers engaged like never before. Here are 10 killer examples of UGC videos to try as fast as you can for your brand! 

N°1: Beauty Transformation

💄 If you ever watched some mesmerizing beauty transformation videos online, you already know  something about the beauty of UGC videos in action. 

Beauty transformation videos showcase real people using makeup, skincare or hair products to transform their look, and they’re a hit with audiences everywhere. From makeup tutorials to skincare routines, beauty brands are tapping into this trend by encouraging their customers to share their own transformation journeys. 

It’s all about showing the power of their products in real-life situations, and customers love it. So, if you’re in the beauty industry, why not give this type of UGC video a try ? It’s a great way to engage with your audience and showcase the effectiveness of your products in a fun and relatable way.

To find the perfect UGC Creator regarding your marketing goals and your brand (even if you’re not into the beauty industry), do not hesitate to check the different UGC Creators profiles on our platform! In a few minutes, you will be able to compare them and find the perfect match regarding your needs.

Discover our UGC Creators profiles!

N°2: Fitness Journey

💪 Fitness journeys are all the rage on social media these days. From weight loss transformations to muscle-building progress, people love sharing their fitness goals and accomplishments. 

UGC videos in this category often feature individuals documenting their workout routines, sharing healthy recipes or providing motivational tips. Fitness brands can leverage this trend by encouraging their customers to share their own journeys using their products or services (protein powders, leggings, sport bras for women, fitness shoes, yoga sets …). It’s a fantastic way to inspire others and build a supportive community around health and wellness!


It’s your first day at the gym and you have no idea what to do.. I GOT YOU!Try this dumbbell only workout on your first leg day 🤍✨. And one thing you have to remember when you first enter the gym: everyone started for the first time at some point. Just make that first step 🫶🏼. #gym #gymtok #gymmotivation #firstworkout #dumbbellworkout #dumbbellonlyworkouts #legday #firstlegday #firstdayatthegym #legworkout #fitnessmotivation #fittok #fitness #motivation #fy #foryoupage #foryou #fypシ

♬ We Found Drill - AstrowBeatz

N°3: DIY Projects

🛠 Who doesn’t love a good do-it-yourself project ? DIY videos are immensely popular, showcasing everything from home decor hacks to crafty creations. 

These UGC videos offer step-by-step tutorials and creative inspiration for viewers looking to spruce up their space or get crafty with their hands. Brands can get in on the action by featuring DIY projects using their products or sponsoring DIY influencers or UGC Creators to create content that highlights their brand in a natural and authentic way.

N°4: Tech Gadget Reviews

🤓 In a world filled with endless tech gadgets, consumers often turn to UGC videos for honest reviews and product demonstrations before making a purchase

And this is exactly where it can be helpful to hire a UGC Creator for your brand! Tech gadget review videos provide valuable insights into the features, performance, and usability of various gadgets, helping viewers make informed decisions. Your brand can then collaborate with tech enthusiasts and UGC Creators to review their products in action and highlight their unique selling points.


Does this mean I can now claim I do technolgy reviews now not just beauty 🤠 @Ikea really nailed this one ✌🏼 #homegadget #affordablehomeware #techgadgets #ikeafind #ikeamusthaves

♬ original sound - CHELSEA WILLIAMSON

N°5: Fashion Hauls

👠 Fashion haul videos give viewers a peek into someone’s latest clothing and accessory purchases

This kind of videos typically feature individuals showcasing their recent shopping finds, trying on different outfits, and sharing styling tips. As a fashion brand, you can partner with influencers, customers and especially professional UGC Creators to create haul videos featuring their latest collections, showcasing how their products can be styled and incorporated into everyday looks. It’s a win-win situation!

N°6: Travel Vlogs

🌍 Travel vlogs allow viewers to virtually experience destinations around the world through the eyes of fellow travelers. They capture the excitement of exploring new places, trying local cuisine and embarking on unforgettable adventures. 

Travel brands can work with travel influencers or UGC Creators specialized in the travel domain to create engaging vlogs that highlight their destinations, accommodations, and experiences, inspiring others to embark on their own journeys.

N°7: Cooking and Recipes

🍳 Cooking and recipe videos are a big staple on social media platforms, offering quick and easy meal ideas for viewers to try at home. 

UGC videos in this category feature individuals sharing their favorite recipes, cooking techniques and even culinary creations. Food brands can partner with cooking enthusiasts and “foodie UGC creators” to create mouthwatering recipe videos using their products, demonstrating how they can be incorporated into delicious meals and snacks. You’re welcome! 


Crispy Sweet Chilli Chicken - the ultimate quick and easy fakeaway dinner! Chicken 600 g chicken breast or chicken thigh, cut into bite-sized pieces 1 tsp sweet paprika 1 tsp garlic powder ½ tsp salt ½ tsp pepper 1 egg ½ cup corn flour Oil for frying, see note 1 Sweet Chilli Sauce 1 tsp garlic, freshly minced 1 tsp ginger, freshly minced ½ cup sweet chilli sauce ¼ cup tamari or regular soy sauce ¼ cup rice wine vinegar, plain white vinegar, apple cider vinegar or lime juice View the full recipe here or hit the link in my bio 👇🏼❤️ https://simplehomeedit.com/recipe/crispy-sweet-chilli-chicken/ #chicken #recipe #dinner

♬ original sound - Nicole

N°8: Pet Adventures

🐶 Pet adventures … How not to talk about them …

These videos capture the adorable antics and heartwarming moments of furry friends exploring the great outdoors or simply enjoying life at home. This kind of UGC videos feature pets of all shapes and sizes embarking on adventures, playing with toys or showing off their unique personalities. 

So here, pet brands can massively improve their visibility by working with the right UGC Creators in order to highlight their products in action and appeal to animal lovers everywhere.

N°9: Home Renovation Reveals

🏡 Regarding home renovation reveal videos, we must admit that their popularity is insane. And this has everything to do with the customer experience, who can literally see the result of the efforts made but also the real use of some products (paint, furnitures …).

These videos document the entire renovation process, from planning and design to construction and final reveal. Home decor brands can partner with homeowners or influencers to create captivating renovation reveal videos that showcase their products and inspire viewers to embark on their own home improvement projects. 


FULL DIY KITCHEN RENOVATION REVEAL ✨✨✨ Huge thank you to @Extra Space Storage for sponsoring this entire home makeover! #extraspacepartner #kitchenrenovation #kitchenreno #diykitchenreno #diykitchenrenovation #homediyrenovations #kitchenbeforeandafter #kitchenreveal

♬ original sound - @itshoneydone | Kayla

N°10: Skill Showcases

🎯 Last but not the least of our examples: skill showcases! 

Skill showcase videos spotlight individuals demonstrating their talents and abilities, whether it’s playing a musical instrument, performing a dance routine, or showcasing artistic creations. 

You must question yourself: but how can we improve our brand’ visibility with this kind of videos ? Simply by celebrating creativity and skill mastery, so inspiring viewers to pursue their passions and why not purchase your products (music instruments, painting stuff, cooking tools, sport equipment and so on). 

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