11 Examples For Your Next UGC Campaigns

Elevate your 2024 campaigns with 11 stellar UGC examples. Spark inspiration and achieve new heights in engagement!

Lucas G.

Lucas Gabriele

Last edited on Jun 16, 2024 ⋅ Created on Jun 10, 2024

Creator Generated Content (CGC) has become a cornerstone of effective marketing strategies. Unlike traditional User-Generated Content (UGC), which is crafted by everyday users, CGC is produced by professional content creators engaged by brands to deliver high-quality, authentic content. 

By collaborating with skilled creators, brands can ensure their message resonates more deeply with their target audience. Professional creators bring a level of expertise, creativity, and authenticity that standard UGC often lacks, making CGC a more reliable and impactful option. 

Whether through captivating videos, stunning visuals, or compelling storytelling, CGC enables brands to showcase their products in a relatable and engaging manner, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and stronger customer loyalty.

This article explores 15 stellar examples of CGC that can inspire your next campaign and help you leverage the full potential of this powerful marketing tool. More details coming.

1. Coca-Cola: "Share a Coke" Campaign


The 2011 'Share a Coke' campaign has got to be one of the most impressive campaigns🤩 What is your favourite marketing campaign of all time?🤔 #marketing #marketingcampaign #coke #podcast #review

♬ Storytelling - Adriel

Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign is a prime example of leveraging personalization and social media engagement to create a cultural phenomenon. 

This innovative campaign involved replacing the iconic Coca-Cola logo on bottles with 150 of the most popular names, at first among Australian consumers. The primary goal was to strengthen emotional connections with the brand, increase social sharing, and boost sales during the summer months.

The strategy was rooted in deep market research to identify popular names and ensure widespread appeal. Coca-Cola also introduced variations with terms like “Bestie” and “BFF” to broaden the campaign’s relevance. This personalization made each bottle feel unique, encouraging consumers to find and share bottles with their names or the names of their loved ones.

Social media also played a crucial role in amplifying the campaign’s reach. Coca-Cola encouraged consumers to share their personalized Coke moments on platforms like Facebook and X (Twitter) using the hashtag #ShareACoke. This user-generated content created a sense of community and made the campaign go viral, with millions of shared photos and stories.

Cultural customization was another key element of the campaign's success. As it expanded globally, Coca-Cola adapted the campaign to local markets by including culturally relevant names and phrases. For instance, in China, bottles featured family names first, aligning with local customs. The main benefit ? This localization helped the campaign resonate deeply with diverse audiences worldwide.

So, the results were remarkable. The campaign reversed a decade-long decline in sales in Australia, leading to a 7% increase in consumption during the initial launch. Globally, the campaign continued to thrive, contributing to a 2% increase in Coke’s global volume sales and generating significant media coverage and social media interactions !

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2. Apple: #ShotOniPhone Campaign


4.5.24 Shot On IPhone ⚪️⚫️ Launched in 2015, Shot On IPhone has become one of Apple’s longest running marketing campaigns in their history. It not only promotes the capabilities of their new lens every release cycle, but also fits their brand perfectly and provides free UGC. In today’s video I predict when I think it will end. #shotoniphone #marketing #advertising #marketingstrategy #advertisingstrategy #marketingstrategies #digitalmarketing #ugc #apple #iphone15 #iphonecamera

♬ original sound - minute of marketing

Apple's #ShotOniPhone campaign effectively leverages UGC to showcase the impressive capabilities of iPhone cameras.

This campaign highlights the high-quality imagery that can be achieved with an iPhone, reinforcing the product's value and performance. Therefore, the authenticity of user-generated photos adds credibility and relatability, as potential customers see real-world examples of the phone's capabilities rather than staged or professionally edited photos.

Apple strategically turns customer feedback into positive marketing by selecting standout images and featuring them in prominent advertising spaces, such as billboards, social media platforms, and digital ads. This approach not only celebrates the creativity of iPhone users but also builds a community of engaged and loyal customers who feel appreciated and recognized by the brand. 

3. Lulus: Fan Photos on Product Pages


the best wedding guest dresses come from @Lulus — comment which one I should wear this week ✨🥂 #lovelulus #luluspartner code MCKENZ20 for 20% off first purchases!

♬ original sound - McKenzie Morgan

Lulus significantly enhances its product pages by integrating photos from real customers or professional creators. This approach provides potential buyers with authentic, relatable visuals, helping them to better understand how the products look and fit in real-life scenarios. 

By seeing items worn by real people, shoppers can make more informed purchasing decisions, which boosts their confidence and likelihood to buy​.

Customer photos serve as powerful social proof, demonstrating that others have purchased and enjoyed the products. This peer validation is a key factor in driving conversions, as it builds trust and reduces the hesitation that often accompanies online shopping. Prospective buyers feel reassured by seeing how the clothes look on different body types and in various settings, making the online shopping experience more transparent and reliable​.

Other benefit : incorporating fan photos fosters a sense of community and engagement ! Customers are more likely to share their experiences and photos if they know they might be featured on the brand's website. This generates valuable content for Lulus, but also strengthens customer loyalty by making shoppers feel valued and connected to the brand. This is a win-win situation !

4. Pringles: Personalized Music Videos


Got ideas for my next video? Comment below and I’ll tag you if your idea is used! #fyp #musician #pringlescanhands #musicproducer #creativemusic_ #diyproject #creativeart

♬ original sound - Fermi

By enabling customers to create and share their own music videos, Pringles turns its audience into active content creators. This user-generated content not only adds a personal touch to the brand’s marketing efforts but also extends its reach.

As users share their personalized UGC videos on social media, they effectively promote Pringles to their networks (even without realizing it), amplifying the campaign's impact.

The personalized music video campaign helps Pringles build a deeper connection with its audience. Users can express their creativity and individuality, an approach that resonates particularly well with younger demographics who value personalized and interactive experiences​.

UGC contents also provide Pringles with valuable insights into consumer preferences and behaviors, which can be leveraged for future marketing strategies !

5. CLUSE: Homepage UGC

CLUSE, a fashion watch and jewelry brand, effectively utilizes user-generated content (UGC) by featuring customer photos directly on its homepage. This strategy creates a dynamic and engaging user experience while fostering a sense of community and trust among potential buyers. Here's how CLUSE’s approach works and its benefits :

Showcasing Real Customers : By highlighting photos of real customers wearing their products on the homepage, CLUSE provides authentic and relatable visuals. This not only enhances the website's aesthetic appeal but also helps potential customers visualize how the products look in real-life scenarios. The main benefit is that seeing other customers confidently wearing CLUSE products can significantly influence purchasing decisions ;

Building Trust and Credibility : Featuring customer photos on the homepage serves as powerful social proof. It demonstrates that the brand is popular and trusted by real people, which can reduce hesitation and build confidence among new visitors. It leverages the power of peer validation, making prospective buyers more likely to trust the brand and complete their purchases​ ;

Enhancing Customer Engagement : Incorporating UGC on the homepage encourages current customers to share their own photos, knowing they have a chance to be featured. This generates a steady stream of fresh content for CLUSE, which is great, but it also strengthens the bond between the brand and its customers. In other terms, it creates a sense of belonging and appreciation, motivating customers to engage more actively with the brand on social media and other platforms ;

Boosting Conversion Rates : The authentic representation of products through customer photos can significantly boost conversion rates. Potential buyers are more likely to trust and relate to real-life images, which can alleviate common online shopping concerns such as product quality and fit. As a result, showcasing UGC on the homepage can lead to higher engagement and increased sales.

6. Glossier: Influencer UGC


a little product demo sample i made with my favorite primer atm!! glossier, u have my heart #ugc #ugccreator #glossier #glossierpartner #fyp #grwm

♬ Icytwat X Ethereal Type Beat "Stars" - Bvtter

Glossier has successfully leveraged the power of user-generated content (UGC), significantly boosting its brand awareness and consumer engagement. 

The brand is regularly collaborating with professional UGC creators and even influencers who embody the brand’s aesthetic and values, which allows Glossier to create a stream of authentic, relatable content that resonates with a wide audience. These influencers share their personal experiences with Glossier products through social media posts, videos, and blog entries, effectively turning their followers into potential customers.

The use of influencer UGC also allows Glossier to reach new demographics and expand its audience base organically. When influencers post about their favorite Glossier products, it not only highlights the product features but also provides social proof, showing potential customers how the products look in real life. 

Moreover, Glossier strategically selects influencers who are not just celebrities, but also micro-influencers with smaller yet highly engaged followings ! This approach ensures that the content is perceived as genuine and relatable, rather than just another paid advertisement, because this is precisely the authenticity of these posts that helps build trust and credibility, encouraging more followers to try the products themselves.

7. Airbnb: "Live There" Campaign

Airbnb's "Live There" campaign revolutionized travel marketing by revealing authentic travel experiences through the eyes of real users. This campaign aimed to differentiate Airbnb from traditional hotel stays, by promoting the idea of living like a local in unique accommodations. 

The campaign featured real stories from Airbnb users who shared their experiences of staying in local homes and neighborhoods, offering a glimpse into what it's like to truly live in a destination rather than just visit. Then, these user-generated stories were shared across various platforms, including social media, blogs, and Airbnb's own website, providing a rich tapestry of authentic content that highlighted the diversity and uniqueness of Airbnb stays.

Through the "Live There" campaign, Airbnb is mainly emphasizing the value of local insights and personal connections. Travelers could see firsthand how staying in an Airbnb allowed them to discover hidden gems, engage with local communities, and even experience destinations in ways that are often inaccessible to tourists staying in traditional hotels. 

The brand also incorporated these authentic travel experiences into its broader marketing strategy by creating visually appealing advertisements that featured snapshots of real homes and the unique experiences they offered. Why ? Because these ads were designed to evoke an emotional response, encouraging viewers to imagine themselves living those experiences !

8. Spotify: #FindYourFeels Campaign


AD Here are my top 3 songs that inspired me to find my feels on @Spotify what songs empowered you to #FindYourFeels ?

♬ original sound - Lily-Rose

Spotify’s #FindYourFeels campaign is known for encouraging users to share how music impacts their lives. This campaign invites listeners to express their emotions and personal stories linked to specific songs or playlists on social media, using the hashtag #FindYourFeels. 

By doing so, Spotify taps into the powerful connection between music and emotions, creating a platform for users to showcase the profound role music plays in their daily experiences.

The campaign features real-life testimonials and stories from users about how certain tracks have influenced their moods, memories, and moments. Then, these authentic narratives are shared across Spotify’s social media channels, website, and even in curated playlists. 

The result : this user-driven approach boosts engagement and creates a sense of community among Spotify listeners, as they see their own experiences reflected in the campaign !

9. Netflix: Stranger Things Season 2

For the launch of Stranger Things Season 2, Netflix widely used fan-generated content to generate buzz and anticipation

How ? Fans were encouraged to create and share their own art, memes, and theories about the show on social media platforms. Then, this UGC participated to amplify the general excitement around the show.

At the end, Netflix showcased the best fan content on their official channels, further motivating fans to participate. This strategy created a viral marketing effect, as more fans engaged with the show through their personal creativity, spreading the word organically. 

Netflix turned viewers into active promoters, making the Season 2 launch a major success. 

10. Design for Change USA and Hasbro: #DoGoodFromHome

The #DoGoodFromHome campaign, launched by Design for Change USA in partnership with Hasbro, massively used UGC to support a charitable cause

The campaign encouraged children and families to share their acts of kindness on social media using the hashtag #DoGoodFromHome. This initiative aimed to inspire positive actions within communities during challenging times, particularly in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

For example, participants were invited to document and post their good deeds, such as making cards for essential workers, donating to food banks, or helping neighbors. These user-generated posts created a ripple effect of goodwill and showcased the impact of small acts of kindness. The campaign's approach was particularly successful to highlight the positive contributions of individuals.

Hasbro supported the campaign by donating toys and games to children in need for every post tagged with #DoGoodFromHome, an initiative that motivated participation and amplified the campaign's reach.

11. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a viral campaign that raised significant awareness and funds for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). In practice, participants were challenged to dump a bucket of ice water over their heads, share a video of it on social media, and nominate others to do the same or donate to ALS research. 

This UGC campaign quickly spread across the globe, leveraging social media to engage millions. It successfully raised over $115 million for ALS research, demonstrating the powerful impact of viral UGC campaigns in supporting charitable cause !

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